Chef’s Specials

House Specialties
1. Pattaya soft Shell Crabs* Deep-fried soft shell crabs served with a creamy and spicy curry powder sauce with bell peppers, onions, celery and eggs.17.99
2. Pla Sam Rod* Three-Flovor Grouper: spicy sweet and sour. 16.99












3. Panang Seafood** Calamari, shrimp, scallops and New Zealand mussels in panang curry. 16.99
4. Spicy Duck* Boneless half crispy duck served with spicy sauce with bell peppers, onions and basil leaves. 21.99

5. Spicy Catfish/Grouper* Deep-fried battered fish fillet in a spicy chili sauce. 15.99/16.99

6. Kra Paw Catfish/Tilapia*Deep-fried battered catfish fillets or whole Tilapia served in pieces topped with stir-fried bell peppers, onions and basil leaves in chili sauce. 15.99
7. Hor Mok Talay* Calamari, shrimp, scallops and New Zealand mussels in a rich spicy curry. 16.99
8. Seafood Drunken Spaghetti*A Thai version of spaghetti with seafood and eggs. 16.99
9. Pad Thai Woon Sen Our Pad Thai with silver noodles, chicken & shrimp. 13.99
10. Beef Massaman with Beef/Shrimp Tender beef stewed in a peanutty curry w/ potatoes, onions & peanuts. 15.99/16.99

11. Crab Fried Rice A simple but delightful fried rice withdraw meat, onions diced tomatoes and eggs. 15.99
12. Neua Ka Tar Marinated tender slices of beef sirloin in sesame oil. 15.99
13. Tamarind Tilapia* Dusted and deep-fried whole tilapia served in pieces and skin-on with our tangy tamarind sauce with fresh herbs. 15.99

14. King’s Curry Shrimp* Seriously spicy down-home funky Thai dry red curry & green beans. 16.99

King's Curry Shrimp

15.Royal Duck Curry Slices of Maple Leaf Farm duck breast topped with a fruity red curry with pineapple, grapes,cherry tomato, bell peper and Thai basil. 16.99

Royal Duck Curry













16. Khao Soi** (Chiang Mai Noodles) A flavorful chicken curry bowl of the North with assorted vegetable served over flat egg noodles and topped with crispy fried egg noodles. 13.99